Movie: A look back on Flash Engineering in 2002

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 15:05


Join us for a travel back in time in our latest movie, to STCC 2002. Nine years ago Flash Engineering ran the official Volvo team in the STCC and the name of the drivers were Jan ”Flash” Nilsson and Edward Sandström.

”Flash” finished second in the championship after a season long fight with Roberto Colciago. Team mate Sandström finished fourth in the championship and the both team mates claimed a total of seven victories that season.

Flash Engineering has taken part in the STCC since the start of the championship 1996. This season is going to be the 16th season of the team in the championship and the team has claimed a total of six titles, 62 victories and 159 podium finishes.

Click here for more information on STCC 2002.

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