Turkington focused ahead of first test

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 15:25

In less than a month the former BTCC champion and WTCC race winner Colin Turkington is going to do his first test for Flash Engineering and the Northern Irishman is eager.
”We are going to lay the foundation for this season now. I am very much looking forward to the test,” said Turkington.

The first test of the year takes place at Knutstorp in the south of Sweden on the 4th of April and Turkington is preparing him self with movies and simulators.
”I have watched videos of the STCC 2010 and I have been around the circuits on the computer. These things are obviously good help to learn, but there is no substitute to actually be on the tracks and actually testing,” said Turkington.

Double STCC champion Jan ”Flash” Nilsson is going to guide Turkington on all of the tracks before the season start.
I’m excited to go to these tracks for the first time and take on the task of learning them properly. I do not have a lot of time for this, only a couple of test days, which is not much compared to the experience of the Scandinavian drivers. But I intend to lean heavily on Jan’s [team mate] experience and hope that he can get me up to speed quickly,” said Turkington.

Another person Turkington is going to work close with for the coming season is the engineer John Morton, a man with 14 BTCC titles on his belt. The both has successfully worked together for the past two seasons and continues the co-operation with Flash Engineering this year.
”I am glad that my co-operation with John continues. He knows how to setup the BMW for me on all tracks. That in combination with the experience of Flash Engineering is going to give us a strong package this year,” said Turkington.

”Flash” is equally excited ahead of the new experiences the trio can combine together.
”We have worked with the BMWs for five seasons and we know them inside out. Turkington and Morton is going to be a splendid contribution for our work and fine-tuning of details. This strengthens us considerably for the STCC 2011,” said ”Flash”.

The premiere of STCC 2011 is just 41 days away at this moment, but Turkington is careful in his expectations.
”It is too early to say just yet. But my ambition is to finish races and collect points at the start of the season. I know how strong the championship is and the challenge that I have got ahead of my self. But my initial goal is on the podium, that is a realistic target,” said Turkington.

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