Stena extends cooperation with Flash Engineering

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The world leading tanker shipping company Stena Bulk extends the cooperation with Flash Engineering ahead of the 2011 season.
”The cooperation with Flash Engineering works excellent and it feels obvious to extend it,” said Ulf Ryder, Managing Director of Stena Bulk.

The cooperation between Stena Bulk and Flash Engineering was started in 2009 and the contract is extended ahead of 2011 with another two years.
”It is an honor to work together with such a big and successful company. Stena is a very important partner for us in order to maintain a high and professional level of the team,” said Jan ”Flash” Nilsson.

The cooperation between Flash Engineering and Stena Bulk ranges from event days for customers to technical projects.
”Technology, speed, development and environmental work are some of the key points that we have in common and work actively with. We are very happy to continue having Flash Engineering as a close partner,” said Ulf Ryder.

With offices in eight countries, Stena Bulk is one of the leading tanker shipping companies in the world. With, among other things, a unique design department, innovative solutions are delivered to the specific requirements of the customers in regard of transport and logistics.

Stena Bulk operates about 80 tankers totalling approximately 8,8 million tonnes deadweight. Stena Bulk is a part of the Stena Sphere, which has around 19,000 employees and has got annual sales of approximately 5,6 billion euro.

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