Porsche test for Karlsson and Lindland at Knutstorp

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 14:54

Flash Engineering Porsche drivers Matte Karlsson and Roar Lindland made their test debut of 2011 at Knutstorp, just as their team mates Colin Turkington at Jan ”Flash” Nilsson.
”I am pleased with these two days. I have got a lot of new impressions from the new car that is better on all points,” said Lindland.

While Lindland has driven races here before, Knutstorp is completely new for Karlsson.
”It feels good, I’m getting to know the circuit. I was not too far behind the more experienced drivers, so it feels alright,” said Karlsson.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car features more power and more downforce, something Lindland says makes a lot of difference.
”It is not only the power and downforce that has been improved on the new car. Small changes that made no or little difference on the old car, gives a lot more now. The new car really is better on all points,” said Lindland.

The first day of test, yesterday, featured a dry track and sunshine, something that was switched for rain and a slippery track today.
”We were able to drive on all sorts of conditions, good training ahead of the season. But it got really slippery at the end, so we are saving our efforts for tomorrow,” said Karlsson.

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