Difficult test conditions in Denmark

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 16:16

Rainfall during the night provided difficult conditions for Flash Engineering during testing at Jyllandsringen in Denmark.
”The track dried very slowly which makes it difficult to work with the settings. But for Colin these laps were very important,” said team manager Johan Kvick.

Jyllandsringen is the second new track in three days for Colin Turkington who has got a lot of things to learn ahead of the season premiere in two weeks.
”It was an exciting track and we managed to get the car good despite the weather, the lap times were alright. I am looking forward to the next test session,” said Turkington.

Jan ”Flash” Nilsson and Turkington continues the intense test schedule next week with Mantorp Park on monday and Knutstorp on wednesday.
”Lets hope for better weather then. But, just as Colin says, the car works fine now, but the conditions are most likely going to be completely different in the first race. Bring on next week and more testing!” said ”Flash”.

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