Porsche extends the contract with Flash Engineering

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 10:54

Porsche Sweden extends the contract with Flash Engineering to run Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia for another four years.
“We are very happy to continue our successful co-operation and concept with Flash Engineering and Carrera Cup. We are looking forward to four new and exciting seasons,” said Bosse Janson, Managing Director of Porsche Sweden.

Flash Engineering took over the contract for the championship ahead of the 2006 season and has since then brought Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia to one of the biggest Porsche championships in the world.
“Porsche is the most important car brand in the world for motorsport. To get continued trust to bring the motorsport history of Porsche in Scandinavia forward is great and we are very proud,” said Jan “Flash” Nilsson, Managing Director of Flash Engineering.

Porsche Motorsport has also confirmed ahead of this season that the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars are going to be used until at least 2013.
“The new contract and the period of which the new cars are going to be used provides all teams and the entire championship with sustainability and stability. We are very happy over this progress,” said Thomas Johansson, Carrera Cup Scandinavia-general.

Porsche Sweden extends the range of prizes in the Porsche Design Awards for the competing teams in Carrera Cup Scandinavia.
“We are extending our commitment and we are for this season offering an exclusive Porsche watch at a value of about 800 euro to the driver setting the fastest lap of each race, as well as a lottery among all starting drivers in each race,” said Peter Hällsås, After Sales Manager of Porsche Sweden.

The extended contract also includes GT3 Cup Challenge Scandinavia that is a part of the SSK-race weekends in Sweden.
“We are facing a strong season this year a introductory year last season in GT3 Cup Challenge. That Porsche Sweden extending the contract also for this championship, enables us to work with confidence for the future,” said Johansson.

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