Strong Carrera Cup test for Flash Engineering

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The three Porsche drivers of Flash Engineering completed a strong first official Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia test at Karlskoga. Fastest of the three was Norwegian Roar Lindland in seventh.
”My goal was to get below 1:05 and I made it. I was just half a second from the fastest time and that is something I am pleased with,” said Lindland.

Another impressive driver was Matte Karlsson in ninth. Karlsson made his first ever racing season last year and completes his first Carrera Cup season this year.
”We have had two cracking test days and I am really pleased. I cannot wait for the first race of the year,” said Karlsson.

The Carrera Cup test at Karlskoga was the the first test of the year for Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte while team mates Lindland and Karlsson has completed three test days at Knutstorp and Jyllandsringen. Prince Carl Philip was tenth fastest and worked hard on getting to know the new Carrera Cup car.
”The setup work is all new with the new car. But I am starting to get a grip of it and things worked much better today, I like the new car,” said Prince Carl Philip.

The next test for the Porsche drivers of Flash Engineering is scheduled at Mantorp Park on monday.

Day two – Carrera Cup-test Karlskoga – Top 10

1 Johan Kristoffersson 1:04.393
2 Robin Rudholm +0.039
3 Jocke Mangs +0.236
4 Oscar Palm +0.239
5 Cralle Lindholm +0.439
6 Lars-Bertil Rantzow +0.548
7 Roar Lindland +0.592
8 Daniel Haglöf +1.045
9 Matte Karlsson +1.189
10 Carl Philip Bernadotte +1.381

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