Colin Turkington in the top at Knutstorp

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Colin Turkington was second fastest in the first official STCC test of the year at Knutstorp.
”We have made a lot of progress today and the car works really well at Knutstorp. I am pleased with the test,” said Turkington.

18 cars took part in the test and it was really close with 16 cars within one second. Jan ”Flash” Nilsson was 11th fastest, six tenths from the top.
”We tested some extreme settings today, all of them were perhaps not that good. But we have got a lot of important test data that we are bringing with us for the first race in Denmark,” said ”Flash”.

Despite Turkingtons lack of experience of Knutstorp, the Flash Engineering driver was just one tenth behind the fastest time of the day.
”Colin is a fast driver and he is good at learning new tracks quickly. We have had a good test day and our work with the setup goes according to plan. We are going to work on the data that we have extracted from these test weeks and make our selves ready for the premiere,” said John Morton, engineer for Turkington.

The first race of STCC 2011 is going to be held at Jyllandsringen in Denmark on the 22-23rd of April.

Test Knutstorp – Top 5

1 Johan Stureson BMW 320si 1:01.011
2 Colin Turkington BMW 320si +0.135
3 Rickard Rydell Chevrolet Cruze +0.190
4 Richard Göransson BMW 320si +0.233
5 Mattias Andersson Alfa Romeo 156 +0.362

11 Jan ”Flash” Nilsson BMW 320si +0.633

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