Danish season opener for Turkington and ”Flash”

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The two STCC stars of Flash Engineering, Colin Turkington and Jan ”Flash” Nilsson, hits the season opener of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship at Jyllandsringen in Denmark this weekend.
”We have had a strong test season, the team works well together and we have two hungry drivers. We are more than ready,” said Team Principle Johan Kvick.

For the former BTCC champion and WTCC race winner Turkington, the premiere this weekend marks his first race for Flash Engineering, his first STCC race and his first ever race at Jyllandsringen.
”Hopefully I will be first over the line as well! This is the beginning of a new adventure and I know the competition is really strong. But my aim for this weekend is to have two strong finishes,” said Turkington.

Team mate to Turkington is double STCC champion ”Flash” who completes his 16th STCC season this year.
”I feel very strong ahead of this season. I am comfortable with the car and the test work with Colin works excellent,” said ”Flash”.

Turkington left a message of strength after the official STCC test at Kntustorp last week when he set the second fastest time of the field, despite this limited knowledge of the Scandinavian tracks.
”Obviously it was only testing, people often do not show their real performance. But it feels good to get a receipt on our test program and knowing that we have the speed for the sharp top end of the field,” said Turkington.

”Flash” and Turkington is going to face stiff opposition in the STCC this year, with drivers such as double BTCC champion James Thompson, WTCC driver Rickard Rydell and many more.
”There is no doubt about the fact that the STCC field of this year is the strongest of the 15 STCC seasons that I have driven. This motivates me strongly and I can guarantee that we are going to provide an excellent racing season this year,” said ”Flash”.

Schedule – Jyllandsringen

Friday 22/4
14.20 – Test
16.10 – Kval, Q1
16.35 – Kval, Q2

Saturday 23/4
09.10 – Warm up
12.25 – Gridshow
13.05 – Race 1
15.35 – Race 2

TV schedule – STCC

Viasat Motor
Saturday 23/4
12.30 – STCC-studion
13.05 – Race 1, STCC
15.25 – Race 2, STCC

Sunday 24/4
15.00 – 16.00 – SVT1

Weight list – Jyllandsringen

1185 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [6 speed SQ-box]
1170 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [5 speed H-box]
1170 kilo – Volkswagen Scirocco
1165 kilo – Chevrolet Cruze
1165 kilo – Honda Accord
1159 kilo – Volvo C30 [bio ethanol]
1150 kilo – Honda Accord
1150 kilo – SEAT Leon TFSi
1150 kilo – Alfa Romeo 156
1140 kilo – Alfa Romeo 156 [older version]
1140 kilo – BMW 320i E46 [5 speed H-box]
1130 kilo – SEAT Leon TFSi [Jason Watt]

Further information

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Jyllandsringen one year ago

Race 1:
1 Tommy Rustad
2 Richard Göransson
3 Robert Dahlgren

Race 2:
1 Robert Dahlgren
2 Johan Stureson
3 Patrik Olsson

Fastest lap:
Tommy Rustad – 1:11.159

Pole position:
Tommy Rustad – 1:09.649

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