Lindland fifth after strong Carrera Cup start

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Roar Lindland was the top Flash Engineering driver in the Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia premiere with fourth in the first race and sixth in the second race.
”This is my best ever season start in Carrera Cup,” said Lindland.

The strong season start places Lindland fifth in the championship after the two races in Denmark.
”I really am pleased with the amount of points from the premiere. We managed to get the car working really well,” said Lindland.

Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte finished seventh in the first race, just one place from his best ever finish. The second race saw Prince Carl Philip struggling and crossed the line 16th.
”The first race was really good, I am pleased with it. Unfortunately the second race was another story, but we are going to reload for Knutstorp now,” said Prince Carl Philip.

Matte Karlsson had reversed results with a difficult first race and a better second race. The Flash Engineering driver ended up in the gravel trap on the first lap of the first race. The second race saw Karlsson fighting his way to 13th from last on the grid.
”It was a shame that I was unable to do a lap of the first race because of other drivers fighting for room on track that does not exist. While the season start was modest result-wise, I got a lot of valuable experience,” said Karlsson.

Race 1 – Jyllandsringen – Top 10

1 Johan Kristoffersson
2 Robin Rudholm 14 varv
3 Oscar Palm +0.646
4 Roar Lindland +1.804
5 Linus Ohlsson +3.572
6 Niclas Olsson +5.418
7 Carl Philip Bernadotte +8.779
8 Patrik Skoog +9.212
9 Stefan Pettersson [2] +13.862
10 Lars-Bertil Rantzow +14.150

Race 2 – Jyllandsringen – Top 10

1 Linus Ohlsson 14 varv
2 Robin Rudholm +0.828
3 Johan Kristoffersson +7.968
4 Oscar Palm +8.615
5 Mattias Stålknapp +9.195
6 Roar Lindland +10.736
7 Lars-Bertil Rantzow +10.975
8 Jan West +14.665
9 Philip Forsman +16.491
10 Niclas Olsson +24.739

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