New challenges for the Flash Engineering Porsche trio

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New challenges lies ahead in the second Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia weekend of 2011 at Knutstorp for the three Porsche drivers of Flash Engineering.
”My goal is to continue in the same style as at Jyllandsringen and establish my self as a stable top driver,” said Lindland.

Team mate Prince Carl Philip is ninth in the championship after a strong season start with, among other things, his best ever qualifying session with sixth on the grid.
”The season start was okay, we had a good pace. Knutstorp is a completely different track compared to Jyllandsringen. I like this track more and we are looking forward to a good race weekend,” said Prince Carl Philip.

Matte Karlsson had a tough Carrera Cup debut at Jyllandsringen as he was pushed off track on the first lap of the first race.
”I have put Jyllandsringen behind me and I am looking forward to Knutstorp, a track that I have got considerably more experience of,” said Karlsson.

Karlsson and Lindland tested at Knutstorp earlier this year and both of them has prepared them selves ahead of this weekend with additional training.
”I drove an endurance race in GT3 Cup Challenge last weekend and it was just what I needed. Good results, a lot of driving and a good feeling ahead of Knutstorp,” said Karlsson.

Team mate Lindland has attended a driver course at the expert Rob Wilson in England and has got his sights set for Knutstorp.
”I am going to fight hard to stay in top five, I am ready and looking forward to the challenges of this weekend,” said Lindland.

Schedule – Knutstorp

Friday 6/5
11.00 – Test
15.10 – Qualifying

Saturday 7/5
10.55 – Race 1
14.50 – Race 2

TV-schedule – STCC/Carrera Cup

Saturday 7/5
12.30 – STCC-studio
13.05 – Race 1, STCC
14.30 – Race, Porsche Carrera Cup
15.25 – Race 2, STCC

Sunday 8/5
15.00 – 16.00 – SVT1

Further information

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Knutstorp one year ago

Race 1:
1 Edward Sandström
2 Oscar Palm
3 Robin Rudholm

Race 2:
1 Robin Rudholm
2 Cemoni Ohlsson
3 Edward Sandström

Fastest lap:
Fredrik Larsson – 59.281

Pole position:
Robin Rudholm – 59.206

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