”Flash” and Rydell goes to a concert

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 16:53

Rivals Jan ”Flash” Nilsson and Rickard Rydell prepared them selves ahead of the STCC races at Knutstorp this weekend with a music concert in Stockholm.
”We went as friends to Roger Waters, The Wall, yesterday while we are going to be bitter competitors on saturday,” said ”Flash”.

”Flash” and Rydell has got a long background together. The both have known each other since the mid-eighties, but never before driven in the same championship.
”It feels strange to compete against him as we have known each other for such a long time. But our relationship is not timid in any way, I will gladly drive the mirrors of his car,” said ”Flash”.

”Flash” and Rydell fought for fifth in the STCC premiere two weeks ago, new battles are expected this weekend.
”We were laughing and having a good time yesterday, we’ll have to see who is laughing on saturday evening,” said ”Flash” with a smile.

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