Tough championship fight at Mantorp Park

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The hunt for the championship lead continues at Mantorp Park this weekend. Colin Turkington is second in the championship and expects a tough fight.
”We have fought hard for our points so far this year and Mantorp Park is for sure not going to be an exception,” said Turkington.

Team mate Jan ”Flash” Nilsson has prepared him self ahead of Mantorp Park with Mille Miglia in Italy, a perfect preparation according to the double STCC champion.
”Italian rush hour is like 200 STCC starts at once. I am more than ready for this race,” said ”Flash”.

While ”Flash” has got a vast experience of Mantorp Park, with among other things the most number of pole positions at the track, the story is another for Turkington.
”I have done one test day at the track so far and it went well. Mantorp is very similar to the circuits in the UK and the nature of the corners are more like what I am used to,” said Turkington.

Turkington is ten points shy of the championship lead while ”Flash” is 12th with the ambition to climb the championship table.
”My position in the championship does not reflect the speed we have got in the car and in the team. We have got a number of new things to test on thursday,” said ”Flash”.

Flash Engineering is going to complete a full test day at Mantorp Park on thursday along with the rest of the STCC field ahead of the weekend.
”The test day is going to be perfect for us, I need as much time as possible to learn all the details of the track. I am looking forward to two exciting races, Mantorp is a track that you can pass on quite easy and we have a strong package ahead of the weekend,” said Turkington.

Schedule – Mantorp Park

Thursday 19/5
09.00 – Test 1
12.00 – Lunch
13.00 – Test 2

Friday 20/5
14.15 – Test
16.20 – Qualifying, Q1
16.45 – Qualifying, Q2

Saturday 21/5
09.20 – Warm up
12.00 – Gridshow
13.05 – Race 1
15.35 – Race 2

TV-schedule – STCC

Viasat Motor
Saturday 21/5
12.30 – STCC-studio
13.05 – Race 1, STCC
15.25 – Race 2, STCC

Sunday 22/5
17.00 – 17.55 – SVT1

Weight List – Mantorp Park

+40 kilo = 1225 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [6 speed SQ-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [5 speed H-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – Volkswagen Scirocco
+40 kilo = 1205 kilo – Chevrolet Cruze
+40 kilo = 1199 kilo – Volvo C30
+40 kilo = 1190 kilo – Alfa Romeo 156
+30 kilo = 1180 kilo – SEAT León TFSi
+30 kilo = 1160 kilo – SEAT León TFSi [Jason Watt]
-20 kilo = 1130 kilo – Honda Accord
-20 kilo = 1120 kilo – BMW 320i E46

Further information

Click here for tickets and information on Mantorp Park.
Click here for information on drivers and teams of STCC 2011.

Mantorp Park one year ago

Race 1:
1 Mattias Andersson
2 Robert Dahlgren
3 Fredrik Ekblom

Race 2:
1 Tommy Rustad
2 Viktor Hallrup
3 Richard Göransson

Fastest lap:
Tommy Rustad – 1:21.762

Pole position:
Mattias Andersson – 1:20.766

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