Hunt for Porsche points at Mantorp Park

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The Flash Engineering Porsche trio hunts new points at Mantorp Park this weekend. Roar Lindland is just two points from fourth in the championship.
”I am not pleased with the last race, but I gained a lot of points on fourth and I am for sure going to do a better job this weekend,” said Lindland.

Matte Karlsson had his best ever Porsche Carrera Cup weekend last time at Knutstorp but was not pleased.
”I lost a top ten position at Knutstorp due to a mistake, I am going to take that back at Mantorp,” said Karlsson.

Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte and Karlsson are close in the championship ahead of Mantorp with just one points separating them.
”I was really pleased with the car last time, but I was not able to get it right for the races. We had a good test day at Mantorp ahead of the season and things are looking good for this weekend,” said Prince Carl Philip.

The Porsche trio has completed three test days at legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife with instructors from Porsche Motorsport.
”We completed over 1000 kilometers, a very good preparation ahead of Porsche Carrera World Cup, but also for the race this weekend. We are ready,” said Lindland.

Schedule – Mantorp Park

Friday 20/5
11.00 – Test
15.10 – Kval

Saturday 21/5
10.55 – Race 1
14.50 – Race 2

TV-schedule – STCC/Carrera Cup

Saturday 21/5
12.30 – STCC-studion
13.05 – Race 1, STCC
14.30 – Race, Porsche Carrera Cup
15.25 – Race 2, STCC

Further information

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Mantorp Park one year ago

Race 1:
1 Fredrik Larsson
2 Martin Öhlin
3 Robin Rudholm

Race 2:
1 Fredrik Larsson
2 Oscar Palm
3 Philip Forsman

Fastest lap:
Fredrik Larsson – 1:18.158

Pole position:
Robin Rudholm – 1:17.539

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