Turkington and ”Flash” in the top at Mantorp

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 17:42

Colin Turkington and Jan ”Flash” Nilsson were right in the top as STCC tested at Mantorp Park ahead of the race weekend. Turkington was 23 thousands of a second from fastest time of the session.
”We have improved the car considerably today and the times are really competitive,” said Turkington.

Team mate ”Flash” was less than two tenths behind Turkington in fourth.
”We have got a good base setup for the car now and the season is going to be a lot of fun from now on,” said ”Flash”.

Despite the competitive times from the two Flash Engineering drivers, there is more to come.
”The car is fast, but we have to fight hard for it. We have done a lot of laps today and we have got loads of data to work on for the qualifying tomorrow,” said Turkington.

The race weekend starts tomorrow with a 45 minute test at 14.15 CET and qualifying at 16.20.

Mantorp Park – Test – Dry track

1 Rickard Rydell Chevrolet Cruze 1:21.944
2 Colin Turkington BMW 320si +0.023
3 Fredrik Ekblom Volkswagen Scirocco +0.088
4 Jan ”Flash” Nilsson BMW 320si +0.187
5 Johan Stureson BMW 320si +0.200

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