Best ever qualifying for Prince Carl Philip

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Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte made his best ever Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia qualifying session with a time that was eight tenths off from the pole position of reigning champion Robin Rudholm.
”This was my best qualifying ever, looking at the time to pole. Seventh position is all right and I am happy with the gap to Rudholm,” said Prince Carl Philip.

Team mate Roar Lindland was on the other hand not pleased. The Norwegian was fifth fastest in the morning test but lost six tenths to the qualifying with a time that only was enough for tenth.
”I am not pleased at all, I am not sure why, but it just did not work. But I am aiming for a drive up through the field tomorrow,” said Lindland.

Matte Karlsson is going to start 12th tomorrow after gear box problems during the qualifying session.
”I had problems with second gear during the session which messed up some of my laps. But I like Mantorp Park and I am looking forward to an exciting race tomorrow,” said Karlsson.

Qualifying – Mantorp Park – Top 10

1 Robin Rudholm 1:17.129
2 Daniel Haglöf +0.028
3 Johan Kristoffersson +0.066
4 Oscar Palm +0.126
5 Linus Ohlsson +0.281
6 Philip Forsman +0.655
7 Carl Philip Bernadotte +0.804
8 Patrik Skoog +0.819
9 Jan West +1.013
10 Roar Lindland +1.214

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