Best ever race weekend for Prince Carl Philip

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Prince Carl Philip matched his personal best from the qualifying session by claiming his first ever top five finish in the first race of Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia at Mantorp Park.
”Fifth is good, I am really pleased with this race,” said Prince Carl Philip.

The Flash Engineering driver qualified seventh, eighth tenths from double Carrera Cup champion Robin Rudholm, and finished fifth in the first race of the weekend after getting past young talent Philip Forsman.
”Everything has worked well all weekend. I started seventh and had an okay start. After that I was able to get past Forsman and pull away, a great result,” said Prince Carl Philip.

Team mate Roar Lindland had a struggling weekend with tenth position in the qualifying despite fifth in the previous test. The Norwegian retired from the first race with a broken radiator but was able to get up to seventh in the second race.
”This is racing sometimes I guess. I would have been pleased with the second race if I had finished sixth. But considering the circumstances, I guess I got all right points even though the gap to fourth increased a bit. I am aiming to be back on top at Gothenburg,” said Lindland.

Matte Karlsson also hade to retire from the first race due to damage on the car. The second race saw him, just like at Knutstorp, just missing out on a top ten finish with just one position.
”I am not pleased, I had considerably better lap times on the earlier test compared to qualifying. Then there is still something wrong with my gearbox. But I am nonetheless pleased with my pace in the race, I will be back at Gothenburg,” said Karlsson.

Lindland is fifth in the championship, 67 points from the championship lead. Prince Carl Philip climbed to tenth in the championship, seven points behind Daniel Haglöf, and was sixth best points scorer this weekend.

Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia continues in four weeks at Gothenburg City Race Arena.

Race 1 – Mantorp Park – Top 10

1 Robin Rudholm 10 laps
2 Johan Kristoffersson +1.358
3 Oscar Palm +1.638
4 Linus Ohlsson +2.151
5 Carl Philip Bernadotte +10.689
6 Philip Forsman +11.917
7 Mattias Stålknapp +12.671
8 Jan West +13.265
9 Patrik Skoog +14.616
10 Richard Kressner +26.072

Race 2 – Mantorp Park – Top 10

1 Robin Rudholm 14 laps
2 Linus Ohlsson +1.147
3 Johan Kristoffersson +2.058
4 Oscar Palm +5.972
5 Jan West +10.467
6 Daniel Haglöf +12.856
7 Roar Lindland +13.726
8 Mattias Stålknapp +21.295
9 Carl Philip Bernadotte +23.476
10 Patrik Skoog +24.942

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