Flash Engineerings selects Preem Evolution Diesel

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 17:58

Flash Engineering has started a co-operation with Preem where the team is going to use the new pine oil diesel Evolution as fuel for the transport fleet of the team.
”We have got a big responsibility as racing team to adjust our activities in an environmental way and we can take an important step forward together with Preem,” said Jan ”Flash” Nilsson, MD for Flash Engineering.

Evolution, a diesel fuel partly produced of pine oil which is a byproduct of the Swedish forest, was launched by Preem earlier this year.
”It is gratifying for us when one of the biggest and most successful Swedish racing teams selects our diesel product for their transport fleet,” said Michael G:son Löw, MD and CEO of Preem AB.

Flash Engineering has got a transport fleet consisting of four trailers, a truck and five BMW cars that run on diesel. The team travels about 110 000 kilometers in one season, a distance that can be completed with 16 % lower carbon emissions thanks to Preem Evolution Diesel.
”We can use an environmentally more friendly diesel without compromising performance. Evolution works just as well as normal diesel,” said ”Flash”.

Evolution meets all environmental requirements on Swedish class 1 diesel. It is an unique Swedish invention and a result from many years of research and fuel development. The new technology also enables the possibility to convert other green products to first class Swedish class 1 diesel.

For more information, visit: evolution.preem.se

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