Gothenburg next up for Lindland, Karlsson & Bernadotte

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The three Flash Engineering Porsche drivers Roar Lindland, Matte Karlsson and Prince Carl Philip races at Gothenburg City Race Arena this weekend. Lindland is highest placed in the championship of the trio with fifth position overal.
”I have a strong desire revenge this weekend and full focus is to be in the top five,” said Lindland.

The Norwegian had a tough weekend at Mantorp Park four weeks ago after going off in the first race, losing important points.
”Things like that happen and I have put it behind me. I had a strong pace in Gothenburg last year and I feel strong ahead of this weekend. It is time to score a lot of points,” said Lindland.

Prince Carl Philip had a strong weekend at Mantorp Park with his best ever finish in the first race with fifth position.
”Mantorp was a really good race for me and I am looking forward to Gothenburg. The track is challenging and exciting,” said Prince Carl Philip.

Gothenburg City Race Arena is completely new for Karlsson and the Swede has got a lot of work ahead of him.
”Luckily we have got a couple of test sessions extra for this weekend, otherwise it would have been really tough. Virtually all tracks are new for me in the calendar, but Gothenburg is going to be special as there is no room for error,” said Karlsson.

With barriers all around the track and speeds exceeding 200 km/h, Karlsson keeps his expectations low ahead of the two races.
”I have absolutely no experience of street races and I am not sure if the track suits me or not. We are going to do our best and try to get a good position in the qualifying as it is difficult to pass. It is going to be exciting,” said Karlsson.

Schedule – Gothenburg

Friday 17/6 [not open for public]
17.15 – Test 1
19.20 – Test 2

Saturday 18/6
09.35 – Kval
11.30 – Race 1
11.55 – Gridshow
13.40 – Entertainment
14.45 – Race 2

TV-schedule – STCC/Carrera Cup

Viasat Motor
Saturday 21/5
12.30 – Race 1, STCC
14.40 – Race 1, Carrera Cup
15.15 – Race 2, STCC

Sunday 19/6
16.00 – SVT2

Further information

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Gothenburg one year ago

Race 1:
1 Fredrik Larsson
2 Robin Rudholm
3 Oscar Palm

Race 2:
1 Robin Rudholm
2 Oscar Palm
3 Edward Sandström

Fastest lap:
Fredrik Larsson – 45.543

Pole position:
Fredrik Larsson – 45.541

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