”Flash” climbs to top ten in Gothenburg

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 14:07

Jan ”Flash” Nilsson made his way to tenth position from 13th on the grid and secured the final point in the first race of the weekend in Gothenburg.
”It was a tough race, but I am actually pleased. The car was really good and we are going to make some changes for the second race. We are going to try and score some more points then,” said ”Flash”.

Turkington started eleventh but lost a couple of places in the start chaos. The Northern Irisman then hunted down the drivers ahead of him and gained two positions before the finish.
”I lost some ground on the first lap, it was a real traffic jam. But as Jan says, the car is really strong and I hope to gain some places for the second race,” said Turkington.

”Flash” held a strong pace and got past Patrik Olsson, among others, with a strong pass in the final corner.
”We are strong compared to the other BMW drivers in terms of lap times. The car is really strong under braking as well, so we are confident for the second race,” said ”Flash”.

The second race of the day starts at 15.35 and the Flash Engineering duo is going to start in the same position they finished the first race: ”Flash” tenth and Turkington eleventh.

Gothenburg – Race 1 – Dry track

1 Rickard Rydell Chevrolet Cruze 24 laps
2 Fredrik Ekblom Volkswagen Scirocco +0.985
3 James Thompson Volvo C30 +3.964
4 Tomas Engström Honda Accord +5.046
5 Johan Stureson BMW 320si +5.873

10 Jan ”Flash” Nilsson BMW 320si +16.968
11 Colin Turkington BMW 320si +18.258

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