Flash Engineering on the hunt for podiums in Falkenberg

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The summer break is just around the corner for the STCC teams, but before that, the championship is going to visit the fastest track in Sweden – Falkenberg – where Flash Engineering are on the hunt for new podium finishes.
”The ambition for the weekend it to be on the podium, it is time for revenge after Gothenburg,” said ”Flash”.

Jan ”Flash” Nilsson is the most successful driver ever in the STCC at Falkenberg with 10 victories, 7 fastest laps and 6 pole positions.
”I do really like Falkenberg, it is a fun and rhythmical track where I have always done well. I am going to improve those statistics this weekend,” said ”Flash”.

While ”Flash” has raced on the track each year since 1996 in the STCC, it is yet another new experience for team mate Colin Turkington.
”I am looking forward to Falkenberg, it is a fast and challenging track that suits the BMW really well. The track does also seem to be quite similar to Thruxton in the UK, a track that I like the characteristics of,” said Turkington.

After a strong start to the season, Turkington has lost some ground in the championship after having been taken off track in Mantorp Park and suffered from problems in Gothenburg.
”I am not pleased, last weekend was pretty frustrating as we had the pace from the first test session. We did unfortunately miss out on Q2 by a whisker, compromising the rest of the weekend. But we are going to fight back this weekend and my goal is to be back on the podium,” said Turkington.

All STCC teams are testing at Falkenberg on thursday ahead of the race weekend.
”It is good to do a full day of testing to get to grips with the circuit. We have got an exciting weekend ahead of us and we are going to fight for the very last inch of the track in ordet to get at least one podium each from Falkenberg,” said Turkington.

Schedule – Falkenberg

Thursday 30/6
09.00 – Test 1 – STCC
12.00 – Lunch
13.30 – Test 2 – STCC

Friday 1/7
14.20 – Test 3 – STCC
17.20 – Q1 – STCC
17.45 – Q2 – STCC

Saturday 2/7
09.20 – Warm up – STCC
13.05 – Race 1 – STCC
15.35 – Race 2 – STCC

TV-schedule – STCC

Viasat Motor
Saturday 2/7
12.30 – Race 1, STCC
15.15 – Race 2, STCC

Sunday 3/7
16.00 – SVT2

Weight list – Falkenberg

+40 kilo = 1225 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [6 speed SQ-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [5 speed H-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – Volkswagen Scirocco
+40 kilo = 1205 kilo – Chevrolet Cruze
+40 kilo = 1199 kilo – Volvo C30
+20 kilo = 1170 kilo – Honda Accord
+10 kilo = 1160 kilo – Alfa Romeo 156
-10 kilo = 1140 kilo – SEAT León TFSi
-10 kilo = 1120 kilo – SEAT León TFSi [Jason Watt]
-20 kilo = 1120 kilo – BMW 320i E46

Further information

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Click here for further information on teams and drivers of the STCC 2011.

Falkenberg one year ago

Race 1:
1 Robert Dahlgren
2 Thed Björk
3 Richard Göransson

Race 2:
1 Tommy Rustad
2 Richard Göransson
3 Dick Sahlén

Fastest lap:
Robert Dahlgren – 45.804

Pole position:
Robert Dahlgren – 45.628

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