Jan ”Flash” Nilsson second in Stena Celebrity Race

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Jan ”Flash” Nilsson sailed to second place along with swimmer Josefin Lillhage in the Celebrity Race during Stena Match Cup at Marstrand.
”We were in the lead for a while but lost at the flag. Overall it was a great race that I would like to do again, but then we will for sure not be second,” said ”Flash”.

”Flash” sailed in the Stena Metall boat while the Santa Maria boat won the race with Carola Häggkvist, Stefan Sauk and Marcus Samuelsson.
– Stefan Sauk did not want to take the flag so I had to take it both times! It is really a lot of fun to sail. I did it a lot as a child with my parents,” said Carola Häggkvist.

Matte Karlsson sailed to seventh with the Stena Line boat and was a happy man after the race.
”It was a lot of fun and very different from racing. And as Janne says, I would be glad to be back next year, but then it is time for revenge with a top finish,” said Karlsson.

Results – Celebrity Race 2011

1. Santa Maria
Carola Häggkvist
Stefan Sauk
Marcus Samuelsson

2. Stena Metall
Josefin Lillhage
Janne “Flash” Nilsson

3. Childhood
Tina Thörner
Sigrid Bernson
Malin Johansson

4. Sigma
Stefan Odelberg

5. Fearnleys/Skuld/BangerHead
Magnus Kahnberg
Loui Eriksson
Fredrik Pettersson

6. Castellum
Isabelle Gulldén
Jonathan Stenbäcken

7. Stena Line
Thed Björk

8. Audi
Anja Pärson
Thomas Ravelli

9. Handelsbanken
Ingemar Allén

10. PelleP
Pelle Petterson
Peter Swartling
Ulf Ekberg
Lasse Kronér

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