Statistics from first half of Carrera Cup 2011

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Just over half of Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia 2011 is completed and we have gathered the statistics.

How has the Flash Engineering drivers performed? Who has got the best qualifying average? Who has made the most overtaking maneuvers? Who has been penalized most times?

Join us as we go through the statistics form the first nine races of the season!


Championship leader Johan Kristoffersson keeps the lead in the number of victories, two more than championship rival Robin Rudholm and a total of five, more than half of the races this year.

5 Johan Kristoffersson
3 Robin Rudholm
1 Linus Ohlsson

Second places

Things are the other way around for the number of second places with Robin Rudholm superior on five, three more than Kristoffersson and four more than Linus Ohlsson and Daniel Haglöf who has claimed the remaining two.

5 Robin Rudholm
2 Johan Kristoffersson
1 Linus Ohlsson
1 Daniel Haglöf

Third places

Oscar Palm is the driver with most third places so far this year on three, one more than Johan Kristoffersson.

3 Oscar Palm
2 Johan Kristoffersson
2 Daniel Haglöf
1 Robin Rudholm
1 Linus Ohlsson


Championship rivals Johan Kristoffersson and Robin Rudholm has impressively enough climbed on to the podium in all of the races so far this year. Linus Ohlsson, Daniel Haglöf and Oscar Palm are the only other drivers that have made it to the podium so far, all three with three podiums each.

9 Johan Kristoffersson
9 Robin Rudholm
3 Linus Ohlsson
3 Daniel Haglöf
3 Oscar Palm

Pole positions

The pole positions so far this year have exclusively gone to the top duo, with Kristoffersson in the lead with three compared to Rudholm’s two.

3 Johan Kristoffersson
2 Robin Rudholm

Qualifying average – Top ten

Despite the fact that Johan Kristoffersson has got the most number of poles, Robin Rudholm has got the best qualifying average so far this year. The Xlander Racing driver has on average started on grid position 1.8, a position that is 0.2 places better than Kristoffersson.

Oscar Palm and Daniel Haglöf are trailing the leading duo on average position 4.0 and 5.4 respectively.

1.8 Robin Rudholm
2.0 Johan Kristoffersson
4.0 Oscar Palm
5.4 Daniel Haglöf
6.0 Roar Lindland
6.5 Linus Ohlsson
7.2 Philip Forsman
9.0 Mattias Stålknapp
9.2 Patrik Skoog
9.4 Carl Philip Bernadotte

Race two grid average – Top ten

The grid for the second race in Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia is decided from the fastest laps of the first race. Rudholm keeps his average from the first race grid to the second race grid with position 1.8.

Kristoffersson on the other hand loses 0.8 places and is passed by Rudholm’s team mate Linus Ohlsson who makes a strong recovery for the second race. Ohlsson has so far this year started on position 6.5 on average this year for the first race while he improves with an impressive four positions for the second race.

Daniel Haglöf has got the biggest drop of 4.6 places for the second, much due to two retired first races.

1.8 Robin Rudholm
2.5 Linus Ohlsson
2.8 Johan Kristoffersson
5.3 Oscar Palm
6.0 Roar Lindland
7.8 Mattias Stålknapp
7.8 Philip Forsman
9.3 Patrik Skoog
10.0 Carl Philip Bernadotte
10.0 Daniel Haglöf

Fastest laps

The first for the most number of fastest laps is close between Kristoffersson, Ohlsson and Rudholm, all on three from the nine races so far.

3 Johan Kristoffersson
3 Linus Ohlsson
3 Robin Rudholm

Average position – Top ten

Championship leader Kristoffersson has got the best average finishing position so far this year with 1.7, just 0.1 better than Rudholm.

The top duo are on their own at the top, closest is Ohlsson on average position 3.5, a whole 1.8 positions further behind.

1.7 Johan Kristoffersson
1.8 Robin Rudholm
3.5 Linus Ohlsson
4.6 Oscar Palm
6.1 Roar Lindland
6.3 Daniel Haglöf
7.3 Mattias Stålknapp
7.9 Philip Forsman
9.1 Patrik Skoog
10.4 Carl Philip Bernadotte

Overtaking maneuvers – Top ten

Mattias Stålknapp is the king of overtaking so far in the Porsche Carrera Cup with an average improvement of 1.8 places from his grid position to the finish.

Daniel Haglöf is not far behind on 1.7 places while Philip Forsman is on the bottom of the list with 1.4 lost places per race on average.

1.8 Mattias Stålknapp
1.7 Daniel Haglöf
1.0 Linus Ohlsson
0.7 Johan Kristoffersson
0.0 Robin Rudholm
0.0 Oscar Palm
0.0 Patrik Skoog
-0.3 Roar Lindland
-1.1 Carl Philip Bernadotte
-1.4 Philip Forsman

Victories team

Kristoffersson Motorsport and Xlander Racing are so far alone on winning in the championship this year. Johan Kristoffersson has gathered five victories while the Xlander Racing duo of Rudholm and Ohlsson has claimed four victories.

5 Kristoffersson Motorsport
4 Xlander Racing

Podiums team

The Xlander Racing duo is superior with 12 podiums from the nine races so far this year, three more than KMS and nine more than Bilteknik and IKC.

12 Xlander Racing
9 Kristoffersson Motorsport
3 Bilteknik Motorsport
3 IKC Racing

DNF/DNS team

Westlife Racing has had a tough start to the first part of the season with seven retired races. Flash Engineering is closest on four, followed by Team Tidö on two.

7 Westlife Racing
4 Flash Engineering
2 Team Tidö
1 Bilteknik Motorsport
1 IPS Motorsport
1 Ebbesson Motorsport
1 PFI Racing
1 MPS Motorsport


The number of penalties and warning has been low so far this year. Peter Jervemyr claimed two penalties in the first race at Jyllandsringen and is topping the list so far.

2 Peter Jervemyr
1 Arne Jörgensen
1 Daniel Haglöf
1 Carl Philip Bernadotte
1 Sveinung Tinnes-Mork
1 Alexander Haegermark
1 Roar Lindland

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