Download the official Flash Engineering app

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 10:52

The official Flash Engineering app is available for download for iPhone and Ipad in the Apple Appstore.
”I have always been very interested in PR and information. When I started to send group fax in the early nineties, I could not in my wildest imagination think that you could with one click access Flash Engineering where ever you are in the world. Things were not better in the past,” said Jan ”Flash” Nilsson.

The app features the latest news, videos, live timing, information on drivers, cars and much more.
”This gives us our partners, fans and visitors a great opportunity to follow us in their phones no matter if they follow the races from the grandstands or at home,” said Johan Meissner, Press Manager for Flash Engineering.

The app has been produced by Exformedia, based in Karlstad, with Håkan Liljegren as project leader.
”This is the first app of Exformedia and it feels inspiring to have been able to develop this with Flash Engineering. We have also got more improvements and news coming for the app,” said Liljegren.

Head to the Apple Appstore in your iPhone and search for Flash Engineering to download the app or click here.

The app is currently only available in Swedish but an English version is in the pipeline. Click here for more information at Exformedia.

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