Productive test at Karlskoga for Flash Engineering

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 18:12

Flash Engineering performed a productive test day at at Karlskoga along with the other competitors of the STCC. Jan ”Flash” Nilsson was fifth fastest and pleased with the car.
”We had a productive test day with a lot of driving and we have got the settings really good,” said ”Flash”.

Colin Turkington completed his first ever laps at the Karlskoga track and says that it is challenging.
”Even though the track is relatively short, it is not easy to put the three sectors together with all of the curve combinations. I am still learning the track and I have got a good flow in the driving,” said Turkington.

Turkington was ninth fastest in the test session, just over half a second from the fastest time.
”You know you’ve got work to do when your name is half way down the list. But we have made a lot of progress with the car today and I think we have a good base to build on for tomorrow,” said Turkington.

Team mate ”Flash” was just over three tenths from the fastest time and says that things are looking good for the race weekend.
”We are going to fine tune some details in the test tomorrow, but nothing big and things are looking really good,” said ”Flash”.

Karlskoga – Test – Top 10

1 Fredrik Ekblom Volkswagen Scirocco 1:07.756
2 Tommy Rustad Volvo C30 +0.130
3 Patrik Olsson Volkswagen Scirocco +0.202
4 Rickard Rydell Chevrolet Cruze +0.268
5 Jan ”Flash” Nilsson BMW 320si +0.326

9 Colin Turkington BMW 320si +0.524

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