”Flash” and Turkington eliminated in incidents

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 14:05

Both Jan ”Flash” Nilsson and Colin Turkington were forced to retire from the first STCC race at Karlskoga. ”Flash” retired in the first corner after a spectacular incident.
”Tobias Johansson came over the grass and t-boned me, I held 60 km/h and he held about 100 km/h. It was a hard crash,” said ”Flash”.

Turkington had a strong start of the race and was seventh when he started an overtaking maneuver on Mattias Andersson.
”It was a silly incident, I was on the inside of Andersson and he just kept moving across the track on me. Our wheels interlocked and pulled my tyre of the rim. It was really frustrating as I was in a strong position,” said Turkington.

The incident in the first corner for ”Flash” resulted in major damage on the BMW and it is unclear whether Flash Engineering will be able to repair the car in time for the second race.
”We’ll see if they can get the car together, the damage was rather big. But the guys in the team are skilled and if we get back out for the second race, it is going to be an exciting race,” said ”Flash”.

Karlskoga – Race 1 – Dry track

1 Richard Göransson BMW 320si 17 laps
2 Tommy Rustad Volvo C30 +1.052
3 Fredrik Ekblom Volkswagen Scirocco +1.574
4 Johan Kristoffersson Volkswagen Scirocco +2.021
5 Rickard Rydell Chevrolet Cruze +2.608

16 Colin Turkington BMW 320si
DNF Jan ”Flash” Nilsson BMW 320si

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