Flash Engineering in the top of morning warm up

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 10:13

Flash Engineering’s talents Colin Turkington and Jan ”Flash” Nilsson were in the very top of the morning warm up session at Karlskoga.
”The car is strong on the race setup, no doubt about that. We have got a tough mission ahead of our selves in the races, but we are going to climb,” said ”Flash”.

Turkington was second fastest in the morning session, just 39 thousands of a second from the fastest time.

Team mate ”Flash” was fourth fastest driver at the Karlskoga track with the time 1:08.444, about two tenths from the fastest time.

The first race of the day starts at 13.05, followed by the second race at 15.35.

Karlskoga – Warm up – Dry track

1 Johan Stureson BMW 320si 1:08.258
2 Colin Turkington BMW 320si +0.039
3 Gabriele Tarquini Volvo C30 +0.042
4 Jan ”Flash” Nilsson BMW 320si +0.186
5 Patrik Olsson Volkswagen Scirocco +0.243

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