Thomas Johansson returns to Superkart

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 20:20

Thomas Johansson is back in the Swedish Superkart championship after having been out for two years since his violent crash in the European finale at Assen 2009.
”I rode the ambulance from my final race, that is not the way to finish anything and it has bugged me a lot. I am back now and it feels great,” said Johansson.

Johansson takes part in the Swedish finals of Superkart at Falkenberg with opposition from 20 drivers from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany.
”The resistance is tough and I haven’t driven for a while, so I don’t really have any expectations. But when I race, I’m not happy with fifth, I am aiming for the podium,” said Johansson.

Johansson is well prepared ahead of the weekends when it comes to the material with a completely new engine from Anderson in the UK.
”The machine is completely new and produces more power than I’ve ever had. So obviously it is all up to the driver, I have no excuses,” said Johansson with a laugh.

Superkart features gokarts that has got aerodynamical aids in the form of wings and sidepods. The engines are 250 cc and produces close to 100 bhp with minimum weight at just over 200 kilos. Superkart is about five seconds per lap faster than the STCC cars of today at a normal racing track.

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