New challenges awaits Flash Engineering in Denmark

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STCC returns to Jyllandsringen in Denmark this weekend, the track where the premiere was held at in April. This race weekend marks the first venue of the year where Colin Turkington has raced before.
”It is a completely different thing going to a race track where you have raced before and hopefully I can put the knowledge to good use. My goal is to finish on the podium,” said Turkington.

Turkington had a strong weekend at Jyllandsringen during the premiere with second in the second race, despite his limited knowledge of the track.
”The results were really good in Denmark last time and the car has for sure progressed since then. The track suits the BMW well and we have got new ideas to try this weekend as well,” said Turkington.

Jan ”Flash” Nilsson is sixth in the championship and has got his sights set on a podium finish this weekend, just as team mate Turkington.
”We have never really got it 100 % right at Jyllandsringen so far, but we have got a theory that we are going to test ahead of qualifying. If that works, I am sure that we are going to fight for victories this weekend, just like at Mantorp and Falkenberg,” said ”Flash”.

Three race weekends remain of STCC 2011 and a total of 150 points. ”Flash” has got 64 points to the lead and Turkington 76 points.
”The point gap is big and it is a tough challenge. But we are not thinking of the championship positions at the moment, we take each race weekend as it comes, aiming to get as much points as possible from each heat,” said ”Flash”.

Schedule – Jyllandsringen

Saturday 27/8
13.40 – Test
16.35 – Kval

Sunday 28/8
10.40 – Warm up
12.30 – Gridshow
13.00 – Race 1
15.35 – Race 2

TV-schedule – STCC

Sunday 28/8
12.30 – Race 1 [Viasat Sport]
16.15 – Race 2 [Viasat Motor]

Monday 29/8
17.00 – SVT1

Weight list – Jyllandsringen

+40 kilo = 1225 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [6 speed SQ-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [5 speed H-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – Volkswagen Scirocco
+40 kilo = 1205 kilo – Chevrolet Cruze
+40 kilo = 1199 kilo – Volvo C30
+-0 kilo = 1165 kilo – Honda Accord [Elgaard, Giovanardi]
-10 kilo = 1160 kilo – Volkswagen Scirocco [Kristoffersson]
+10 kilo = 1160 kilo – Alfa Romeo 156
+-0 kilo = 1150 kilo – Honda Accord [Engström]
+-0 kilo = 1150 kilo – SEAT León TFSi
+-0 kilo = 1130 kilo – SEAT León TFSi [Jason Watt]
-20 kilo = 1120 kilo – BMW 320i E46

Further information

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Click here for information on drivers and team of STCC 2011.

Jyllandsringen one year ago

Race 1:
1 Richard Göransson
2 Robert Dahlgren
3 Tommy Rustad

Race 2:
1 Thed Björk
2 Richard Göransson
3 Robert Dahlgren

Fastest lap:
Thed Björk – 1:11.725

Pole position:
Robert Dahlgren 1:10.216

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