Jan ”Flash” Nilsson leaves STCC – Confirms TTA 2012

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Jan ”Flash” Nilsson is going to drive his last ever STCC race in the final at Mantorp Park this weekend. The double STCC champion leaves the championship and is going to drive the all-new TTA series in 2012.
”I am going to get out of my car with tears in my eyes at Mantorp, it has been an amazing journey in STCC since 1996. But I am not the one looking back, I am looking forward, seeing a brighter future,” said ”Flash”.

”Flash” founded STCC in 1996 and has since then taken part in all 225 races but one because of a back injury from a crash at Anderstorp in 1999. ”Flash” has since 1996 taken two titles, four runner-up positions, 35 victories, 74 podium finishes, 29 pole positions and 34 fatest laps. The finale this weekend also marks the final STCC weekend for Flash Engineering, the most victorious team in the history of STCC.
”We’ve had amazing success with Flash Engineering in STCC together with Volvo, BMW and drivers such as Richard Göransson, Mattias Ekström, Rickard Rydell, Robert Dahlgren and Colin Turkington. Next year will be the start of a new future and more success,” said ”Flash”.

”Flash” is one of the founders of the new championship TTA next year together with the biggest and most successful racing teams in Sweden: Volvo Polestar Racing, WestCoast Racing and Brovallen Design.
”We are currently experiencing a cooperation between the teams that no one believed to be possible. We are together going to take the next important step forward for Swedish racing,” said ”Flash”.

The new championship is going to race completely new TTA cars that are powered by a hybrid engine of over 400 BHP, something inspiring ”Flash” to continue and start his 29th racing season.
”I had decided to quit, but the urge to race the new TTA car is too big and I must continue. All of the best drivers in Sweden are going to be in sporting, equal, cool and challenging cars on the best tracks in Sweden. The new TTA also goes hand in hand with my values and the organisation Ren Idrott [Pure Sport] that I am part of. Ren Idrott works to change the view on cheating and unsporting values. The values of Ren Idrott is something that TTA is keen to live up to for the drivers, teams and spectators,” said ”Flash”.

Two race heats remain of STCC 2011 at Mantorp Park and ”Flash” had a successful weekend last time the championship raced there with a strong drive from last to fourth in the first race, two fastest laps and a superior victory in the second race.
”The ambition is to end my last STCC race as I started my first STCC race 15 years ago, with a victory. We had a perfect car at Mantorp Park last time out and I am going to give the crowd a great show this weekend as well, that is for sure,” said ”Flash”.

Team mate Colin Turkington also plans for a good show at Mantorp Park and seeks revenge after his retirement at the track earlier this year.
”I was unlucky to get caught up in an accident last time here. But we were fast before that and I want to be on the podium this weekend as in the past two races. The goal is to finish off the season strongly and I feel confident for the weekend,” said Turkington.

History – Jan ”Flash” Nilsson – STCC

Titles: 2 [13 %]
Victories: 35 [16 %]
Podiums: 74 [33 %]
Pole positions: 29 [19 %]
Fastest laps: 34 [15 %]
Records: Most victories in a row – 6

History – Flash Engineering – STCC

Titles: 3 st [20 %]
Victories: 63 st [14 %]
Podiums: 154 st [35 %]
Pole positions: 48 st [14 %]
Fastest laps: 61 st [14 %]
Records: Most victories, most podium finishes, most pole positions, most fastest laps

Facts about TTA – Touring Car Team Association

TTA was created in 2012 by four of Sweden’s biggest and most successful racing teams. The team has together claimed six out of seven Swedish titles in touring car racing for the past seven years. TTA is an interest organisation for elite racing teams and organisers, where competing teams and organisers become part owners of the championship.

Car type: Touring Cars with unit chassis
Model: Alfa Romeo 159, Audi A4, BMW 3-serie, Volvo S60, etc.
Engine: V6 with hybrid system [KERS]
Power: 400+ bhp
Weight: 1020 kilo

Preliminary calendar – TTA 2012

28/4 – TBA
12/5 – Karlskoga
02/6 – Anderstorp
16/6 – Göteborg – City Race
07/7 – Falkenberg – Västkustloppet
18/8 – Karlskoga – Kanonloppet
01/9 – Anderstorp
15/9 – TBA
29/9 – Gothenburg – Grande Finale

Support Classes – TTA 2012

Swedish GT – Porsche 911, Ferrari 458, Audi R8, etc.
Trofeo Abarth 500 – Fiat 500
Ginetta G20 Cup – Ginetta G20

More support classes are under negotiation

Visit www.ttagroup.se for further information.

Schedule – Mantorp Park

Friday 23/9
14.15 – Test
16.20 – Qualifying

Saturday 24/9
09.20 – Warm up
11.55 – Gridshow
13.05 – Race 1
15.35 – Race 2

TV-schedule – STCC

Saturday 24/9
12.30 – STCC – Viasat Sport
15.15 – STCC – Viasat Sport

Sunday 25/9
17.00 – SVT1

Weight list – Mantorp

+40 kilo = 1225 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [6 speed SQ-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – BMW 320si E90 [5 speed H-box]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – Volkswagen Scirocco
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – Volkswagen Scirocco [Kristoffersson, Björk]
+40 kilo = 1210 kilo – Chevrolet Cruze
+40 kilo = 1199 kilo – Volvo C30
+-0 kilo = 1150 kilo – Alfa Romeo 156
-10 kilo = 1140 kilo – Honda Accord
-20 kilo = 1130 kilo – SEAT León TFSi
-20 kilo = 1120 kilo – BMW 320i E46

Mantorp one year ago

Race 1:
1 Mattias Andersson
2 Robert Dahlgren
3 Fredrik Ekblom

Race 2:
1 Tommy Rustad
2 Viktor Hallrup
3 Richard Göransson

Fastest lap:
Tommy Rustad – 1:21.762

Pole position:
Mattias Andersson – 1:20.766

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