Tenth for Jan ”Flash” Nilsson in race one

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 14:01

Jan ”Flash” Nilsson kept tenth from the grid in the first STCC race of the final weekend. The double champion fought with Richard Göransson and Mattias Andersson for eighth.
”I got hit in the start and my right rear wheel got damaged which made the car hard to drive. But I was faster than Göransson despite that, promising for a strong second race,” said Göransson.

Colin Turkington started 16th and claimed four positions in the race with a car that the Northern Irishman liked.
”It was an ok race. I had to avoid the accident in the first corner and lost a position, but I was able to fight back. The car really came alive after a couple of laps and I hope to climb even higher in the second race,” said Turkington.

Daniel Roos finished 17th overall and secured second in the privateers cup. The 22-year-old was in the lead for a while, but lost three position after an incident.
”It was an okay result I guess. I was in the lead for a while but was pushed off by Danielsson and went off track. But that’s the way it is and I know now that I can fight hard for the second race,” said Roos.

Mantorp Park – Race 1 – Dry track

1 Rickard Rydell 14 laps
2 Fredrik Ekblom +3.147
3 Johan Kristoffersson +4.776
4 Patrik Olsson Volkswagen Scirocco +5.776
5 Michel Nykjaer Chevrolet Cruze +6.503

10 Jan ”Flash” Nilsson BMW 320si +9.770
12 Colin Turkington BMW 320si +12.831
17 Daniel Roos BMW 320si +21.461

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