Record short 24 hour race for Colin Turkington

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 17:08

Colin Turkington took part in the British classic Britcar 24 Hours at Silverstone this weekend. The race ended early after just three hours despite promising form in qualifying with fourth fatest time overall.
”I only got two laps in first gear because of technical problems, it could be the shortest stint in the history of 24 hour racing,” said Turkington with a laugh.

Turkington drove a Ginetta G55 prototype with Lawrence Tomlinson, Martin Short, Matt Nicoll-Jones and Mike Simpson. Three hours in to the race, while lying second, the team unfortunately had to retire due to technical problems.
”It was a shame as the car was fast and we were in a strong position. The qualifying went really well and I was looking forward to race it at night, but that is racing sometimes,” said Turkington.

Endurance racing requires a completely different driving style compared to the sprint racing that Turkington is used to from STCC and BTCC.
”The approach is very different, it is not about finding that last tenth. You need to drive within two to three seconds of what the car is capable of and there is a lot more strategy involved,” said Turkington.

With the season over in Sweden, next up for Turkington is planning ahead of 2012, while there could be one or two races further this year.
”I am perhaps going to drive another WTCC race this year. Other than that it is all about planning for 2012,” said Turkington.

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