Team Tidö joins Flash Engineering as junior team in TTA

Postat av Johan Meissner kl 09:55

Team Tidö has started a junior team for TTA 2012 where they in cooperation with Flash Engineering are going to race with Linus Ohlsson behind the wheel.
”We are happy and proud to present our participation in TTA 2012. There is a lot of talk in Sweden that we need a new Ronnie Peterson and we want to create a strong platform for young Swedish drivers in racing,” said David von Schinkel, team owner of Team Tidö.

Ohlsson claimed the Junior Touring Car Championship title in 2009 and finished third in the Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia 2011.
”It is great fun and really motivational to get this chance with Team Tidö. I am really ready to get in to the very top of Swedish racing in TTA. My ambition is to fight in the top,” said Ohlsson.

Team Tidö is going to cooperate with multiple STCC champions Flash Engineering surrounding technology, partners and events.
”Team Tidö is a young and innovative team that we believe strongly in. We are together with them going to be able to provide young talents with a chance to get in to the very top racing. Linus is a quick and skilled driver that we have worked with during two seasons, it is going to be incredibly exciting to see his progress in TTA with Team Tidö,” said Jan ”Flash” Nilsson, driver and owner of Flash Engineering.

Team Tidö is planning to run two cars in TTA next year, with the identity of the second driver not yet revealed.

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