Colin Turkington awarded in BMW Sports Trophy 2011

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Colin Turkington was awarded in the 2011 BMW Sports Trophy in Munich, Germany as the 14th best BMW driver in the world.
”I am proud over the award and I think it is a nice acknowledgement on a real fighting-season,” said Turkington.

Turkington was awarded for his efforts in STCC with Flash Engineering and his three races in the WTCC.
”It felt good to end the season on a high with strong results in STCC and WTCC. It has been a great adventure and I am looking forward to 2012,” said Turkington.

More than 230 BMW drivers from all over the world were in the 2011 BMW Sports Trophy, the 50th trophy since the start in 1961.
”Even after 50 years, the BMW Sports Trophy still retains its appeal for drivers around the world. We once again had a record number of participants in 2011. A closer look at the list of entrants shows the many different ways in which drivers and teams can race successfully with BMW cars: 27 different models were in action in over 40 racing series across four continents, winning an impressive nine titles. Every driver competing in the BMW Sports Trophy is part of the BMW Motorsport family. The participants have come to value this for half a decade. They are fantastic ambassadors for BMW,” said Jens Marquardt.

A total of 250,000 euro were awarded to the drivers of the 2011 BMW Sports Trophy.

BMW Sports Trophy 2011 – Top 15

1. Paul Dalla Lana, Canada, BMW M3, 517,47 points
2. Ricardo van der Ende, Netherlands, BMW M3 GT4, 443,93 points
3. Robert Driscoll, USA, BMW 323i, 417,38 points
4. Jeff Henderson, USA, BMW 323i, 407,62 points
5. Nobuteru Taniguchi, Japan, BMW Z4 GT3, 400,00 points
6. Simon Knap, Netherlands, BMW M3 GT4, 394,22 points
7. Duncan Huisman, Netherlands, BMW M3 GT4, 374,83 points
8. Carsten Knechtges, Germany, BMW Z4, 339,10 points
8. Manuel Metzger, Germany, BMW Z4, 339,10 points
8. Tim Scheerbarth, Germany, BMW Z4, 339,10 points
11. Robert Thiele, USA, BMW 325i, 335,24 points
12. Mario Merten, Germany, BMW Z4, 319,74 points
13. Jeroen den Boer, Netherlands, BMW Z4 GT3, 318,83 points
14. Colin Turkington, Northern Ireland, BMW 320si WTCC, 316,84 points
15. Alberto Cerqui, Italy, BMW M3, 315,00 points

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