Flash Engineering

The name clearly shows that the company belongs to Jan ”Flash” Nilsson. Flash Engineering was originally called J Nilsson Racing & Sport KB. It was formed in 1986 in order to support Nilsson’s own racing programme. In a little over ten years it grew to become a professional racing team.

”Flash” has run the motorsport program of Volvo in Sweden since 1996. At first the team was a one-car effort, 1998 the team became a two-car team with Jens Edman as second driver, the company also went public, firstly under the name J Nilsson & Sport AB and in 2001 the name Flash Engineering was selected. Jens Edman drove for the team in 1999 but was replaced by Mattias Ekström in 2000. Edman was back in 2001 and in 2002 Jan ”Flash” Nilsson was joined by Edward Sandström, a young and promosing talent. The 2003 season saw ”Flash” joined by privateer driver Magnus Krokström and for the 2004 season Robert Dahlgren returned to Sweden from his single seater racing in the UK and was team mate with ”Flash”.

The team moved to specially racing designed facilities in Karlstad during the autumn of 1999 and had for 2004 eleven full time employees. During the race weekends a total of 20 persons were involved in the team.

”Flash” sold his company in 2005, but kept the brand Flash Engineering and a lot of competence within the company. The overall organization rests on three main points where the main effort is the racing and two important support efforts is sponsor activities and media. A new workshop in Karlstad was constructed in 2006 for the team, hosting the newly formed racing programme of Flash Engineering. Richard Göransson, Edward Sandström and Jan ”Flash” Nilsson drove for the team that season. The team also took over the administration of Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia on contract from Porsche Sweden that year.

During 2007 Göransson and ”Flash” drove for the team in a pair of BMW 320si E90 and claimed the team championship trophy as well as bronze in the drivers championship.

Göransson continued alongside ”Flash” in 2008, a season proving to be one of the most successful in the history of the team. Göransson secured the STCC title and ”Flash” finished sixth in the championship. New to the team that year was the Swedish Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte, taking part in the Carrera Cup.

”Flash” got a new team mate in 2009 in the form of Thed Björk. The 2006 champion ended second in the championship on the same points as the champion after a controversial season end.

”Flash” and Björk continued for 2010 while the Porsche programme of the team was expanded to four drivers: Prince Carl Philip, Roar Lindland, Linus Ohlsson and Matte Karlsson.

The 2009 British Touring Car Championship champion Colin Turkington joined the team for 2011 to take part in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship alongside ”Flash”. The team currently fields three cars in Carrera Cup Scandinavia with Prince Carl Philip, Roar Lindland and Matte Karlsson.

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